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Settlement of the Iberian lynx

The Iberian lynx was almost extinct and was/is on the red list of endangered species. Thanks to targeted reintroductions, the population in Portugal has now recovered somewhat, but is still critical. The lynx feeds on wild rabbits for more than 75% of its diet. The hunting of rabbits in particular deprives the lynx of its livelihood.

We have completely banned hunting on our 1000 hectares for around 15 years now. This is more than unusual for private land ownership in the Alentejo, as rabbits are traditionally hunted everywhere and hunting rights are sold at a high price.

Due to the long closed season, we have a very large population of rabbits and therefore the best conditions for the reintroduction of the Iberian lynx. We have set up a completely uncultivated zone along the river, in which we are creating protected breeding burrows for rabbits so that they can raise their young. We have erected about 2 kilometers of fencing to prevent our flock of sheep from grazing the untouched landscape, which is mainly covered with rock roses and other low bushes that provide good protection.

The black vulture, which was almost wiped out by the decimation of the rabbit population, has also been spotted here again.

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